Terms and conditions
1. Applicability
The following Terms and Conditions regulate the use of the Mag By You Mobile and Web App, from now on referenced as MBY. The following company is responsible for the MBY application – YouRemember, Lda., registered in Portugal, with the fiscal number 514659238 and mailing address at Apartado 910, EC Zona Industrial das Caldas da Rainha, 2501 Caldas da Rainha, Portugal.
2. General Conditions for Use of APP
By registering as a user on the MBY APP you agree to not:
a. Abuse, harass, vilify or threaten in any way the rights of others.
b. Violate the privacy or publishing rights of others.
c. Violate any law or regulations applied in the country of residence.
d. Use the MBY image or brand for fraudulent actions or any acts that are not approved by YouRemember, Lda.
e. Use any kind of software that contains virus, defects or other harmful elements.
f. Remove and use any image or symbol associated with the brand MBY.
g. Upload photos that include: inappropriate nudity; people that have not given their permission to share their photo; elements that transmit malicious acts, violence, terrorism, racism, violation of people’s rights or integrity; sexual contents; illegal elements (ex. weapons of mass destruction, drugs, etc.)
The violation any of these general conditions or regulations while using the MBY APP, YouRemember, Lda, may block your access to the APP.
3. Register
To create an account on MBY mobile or web app you must be 18 or over.
When you register with MBY mobile or web app the user will have to submit and e-mail and create a password of authentication. In your personal profile area, accessible after authentication, you can introduce changes in gender (for statistical purposes) and telephone number (which is used to contact the client when authorized).
All activities and actions regarding the account are the responsibility of the user. Any irregular use should be immediately communicated to YouRemeber, Lda.
4. Password
When registering to use this site, the user must create a password that should be for personal use and non-transferable.
The user is responsible for the use of the password, as well as the order placed through the account and accessed with the password.
If the password is stolen or you suspect it has been stolen, you must communicate this immediately to YouRemember, Lda.
5. Orders
Through MBY mobile of web app it is possible to subscribe the various types of magazine subscriptions. The descriptions of what each subscription has to offer, as well as the deadlines are always at your disposal on the website of MBY.
All pricing details regarding packages and delivery are at your disposal on the website and on the mobile app, as well as a description of the product and services. YouRemember, Lda will do everything possible to supply the client with important information about products and services.
The products, services, contents, pricing and availability may be altered without prior notice, maintaining the commitment of the original terms for orders that have already been processed.
YouRemember, Lda may occasionally alter the subscription prices, however, the price paid at the time of purchase will be respected until the end of the period it was subscribed for. The user will be informed of price alterations before they renew their subscription.
In addition to subscriptions the user may purchase a gift card. This can be one of the subscriptions or a monetary value of your choice. The gift cards are valid for 6 months from the date of issue, they are personal and non-transferable. They are non-refundable. You cannot use a gift card to purchase other gift cards.
The client’s personal data: name of the person ordering, complete address (Street, City, Postal Code, Country) fiscal identification number and telephone number, will be required at the time the order is placed. The delivery address will also be required when the invoicing address is different from that of the delivery address.
This information is necessary for us so that we can comply with legal obligations, especially fiscal obligations, the information will be saved for the period of time stipulated by law for the compliance of these obligations.
6. Delivery of Orders
For the delivery of orders we will require the delivery address, if it is different from that of the invoicing address given to us by the user.
For delivery of orders YouRemember, Lda has subcontracted the Portuguese postal service CTT. To this entity only a group of essential information is given so that they may conclude the delivery (name and address). The policies of privacy of the CTT and the security methods implemented are in compliance with that established in the General Regulation of the Protection of Personal Data.
In the case of the order being returned, the client will be responsible for the cost of the order.
7. Payment
To order one of the products the following payment methods are available:
- Paypal
Using this method of payment the users are redirected to the Login PayPal page to enter with their PayPal credentials and make payment. The information given for payment through this method are encrypted and processed via security certification (SSL) and in compliance with the policies of privacy of the website.
- Braintree
The information given for payment through this method are encrypted and processed via security certification (SSL) and in compliance with the policies of privacy of the website.
MBY does not save any information introduced through these websites.
8. Invoicing
For invoicing we require the following personal data: name of the person ordering, complete address (Street, City, Postal Code, Country), fiscal identification number and telephone number.
YouRemember, Lda may subcontract services in the process of client management for commercial purposes.
The information given for the issuing of invoices is the responsibility of the user.
9. Processing and Conservation of Images
The processing of personal data is the responsibility of YouRemember, Lda is done in compliance with the principals and obligations stipulated in the General Regulations of Protection of Personal Data (Regulation (UE) 2016/679).
YouRemember, Lda applies all technical and organizational methods necessary to preserve the safety of the personal data it is responsible for. For the purpose of commercial management YouRemember, Lda may use subcontractors.
The handling of personal information is done according to the policy of privacy.
The holder of the personal data has a right to:
- Request access to their personal data (article 15.º RGPD)
- Request verification of incorrect, incomplete or non-valid information (article 16.º RGPD)
- Request to delete their personal data, in situations for seen by law (article 17.º RGPD)
- Request a limitation on the processing of their personal data, in situations for seen by law (article 18.º RGPD)
- Request the portability of their personal data, in situations for seen by law (article 18.º RGPD)
- Removal of consent when handling has this legal base (article 7.º, n.º2 RGPD)
The requests for access, verification, transfer, limitation and/or deletion of personal information may be submitted to the following email info@magbyyou.com.
The requests of the exercising of right will be carefully processed by YouRemember, Lda. In certain cases, requests can be denied for non-compliance of legal requisites; however, you will always receive a response in an allotted period of time no more than one month.
The holder also has the right to present a complaint to the authority of control.
10. Processing and Conservation of Images
To create a magazine it is necessary to upload 60 to 100 photos (from a computer or a smartphone – the magazine you are organizing will be saved in your user account – and can be worked on and altered on both devices).
A layout of the magazine is created by MBY, taking into consideration the 80 pages that make up the magazine. MBY does not cut nor edit any of the photos upload by the user.
The user can personalize the front cover and the back cover, adding one or two photos to these, as well as a Title, Subtitle and an initial note.
For the magazine to be complete and for continue with the order the Front cover and the Title are essential items.
The images uploaded and the magazines ordered are preserved for a period of one year.
YouRemeber, Lda has subcontracted a service to store the personal information and the images of its users, making certain that they comply with the necessary safety methods for the preservation of secure data. The data is not transferred out of the European Union.
11. Contacts
Apartado 910
EC Zona Industrial das Caldas da Rainha
2501 Caldas da Rainha