Use our mobile apps!

Use our mobile app!

How do I start using Mag by You?
On your computer: simply create a user account by registering — top right corner of the screen.
On your smartphone: go to
Google Play
and download our App. Register by following the simple steps and you are in! Start uploading your photos and creating amazing magazines (the apps will be available shortly — we can contact you as soon as they launch — just leave us a note at
How do I create my magazine?
To create a magazine you’ll need to upload between 60 to 100 pictures (from your phone and/or computer — mags that you are working on can be saved, so it is easy to use both devices alternately).
The photos will always appear in the order that you organize them in the App — it is quick and easy to drag them to where you want them. We will choose the layout of the photos within the 80 pages of your magazine. Please note that we do not edit photos — they will be printed as they are.
Also upload your Front* and Back Covers and create a Title*, Sub Title and Initial Note.
*Only Front Cover and Title are obligatory.
Then just press ‘Send’ and wait a couple minutes while the files are being sent to us. If you don’t yet have a subscription you will be presented with the options. If you already have a subscription than you can track your order!
Can I reorder magazines?
Sure! In your account go to ‘Settings’ and ‘Reorder Mag’ and select the ones you want to print again. Throughout the process you can also change the delivery address if needed. We will save your magazine during one year.
When can I send my pictures?
You can upload photos and send your magazine to us whenever you want! You have one year to complete whatever subscription you've purchased*.
*Please check with us at for estimated delivery dates.
How do I use a Gift Card?
When you get a Mag by You GiftCard, create an account using our Web or Mobile App [go to ‘How do I start using Mag by You?’ question to check how its done]. One you’ve registered you can redeem your gift card under ‘Settings’ and ‘Gifts’ option.
Did not get my magazine!
We will be using the Portuguese National Postal Service. Your magazine will be dropped in your mailbox and does not require signing for it.
Anything we are forgetting…
We hope to have settled all your inquiries, however, please feel free to contact us by using our email — — and we will readily get back to you.
Our goal is to help you create your own magazine!
Delivery zones and costs: Mag by You ships worldwide. Free shipping to Portugal and additional costs to the rest of the world, calculated when you subscribe.
Delivery times: Delivery times vary by country. Orders shipped within Portugal take up to 5 days after we've confirmed completion/shipping of the magazine. Other countries can take a few days longer.
Order tracking: As soon as you send us your pictures you will be able to track the progress of your mag throughout the following stages — Sent, In Progress, Shipped.
Payment Methods
For now payments are made through Pay Pal whether it be thru your Pay Pal balance or by using your credit cards.